Blog Post: July 17, 2016

All of us are innocent children of God, and deserve to be honored and cherished as such. Neither our color nor our profession nor anything else about our material circumstances adds or detracts one iota from how much God loves us, and asks us to love each other.

A spiritual perspective eschews an “us versus them” mentality; that only adds to the polarization, and thus to the violence. Today we pray for everyone. The way to bring forth light is first and foremost by surrendering our own darkness, consciously giving up any judgments we have of anyone. Reject all violence, particularly in your own heart. Let us hold to the middle, in our hearts and in our minds: A golden middle that reflects the truth of who we are, and where all of us are one. As each of us holds to this, thinks of this, and prays for this, it will become a great and glorious light that dissolves all darkness from our midst.

  • jensharkey

    Thank you Marianne, if only the world would listen to you. The answer to all this madness is right there in your words. You have brought so much light in to my life and those around me. I can never thank you enough except to try and help others to also see the real beauty that is this precious life, Jennifer, Dublin, Ireland xxx

  • Trish Zeller

    There is nothing more that need be said!

  • A Alanda Gregory

    Love this! thank you

  • 2lightmeup

    I love your new book! cant put it down! Thank you!!

  • http://fabriziofusco.com Fabrizio

    Blaze your path and you’ll inspire others to come along!